1. The Terrorsurfs
    Birmingham, UK
  3. The Head Henchmen
    Montreal, Québec
  4. Mark Malibu & the Wasagas
    Toronto, Ontario
  5. King Ghidora
    Mc Minnville, Oregon
  6. The Chukukos
    Bern, Switzerland
  7. The Jagaloons
    Albany, New York
  8. The Eyeberries
    Moscow, Russia
  9. The Evanstones
    Seattle, Washington
  10. Los Daytonas
    Madrid, Spain
  11. Supertubos!
    Reinosa, Spain
  12. Underwater Bosses
    Syracuse, New York
  13. Surferific Dudes
    Lynchburg, Virginia
  14. The Aquaholics
    Chicago, Illinois
  15. The Zillatones
    New Territories, Hong Kong
  16. The Syndicate of Surf
  17. Chewbacca's
    Valencia, Spain
  18. Black Valley Moon
    Tampa, Florida
  19. Mariachi Death Squad
    Edinburgh, UK
  20. Reverb Ranch (URBAN SURF KINGS)
    Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
  21. The Green Reflectors
    Bridgewater, Nova Scotia
  22. The Bali Lamas
    Baltimore, Maryland


Sharawaji Records UK

Sharawaji Records is a UK based independent record label. We produce and promote various types of surf music and related guitar-based genres, e.g. surf rock, surf punk, spaghetti western, spy surf, rockabilly, garage rock, indie, punk and powerpop.
Send us your recordings and you could benefit from an innovative record label with excellent distribution and first class production teams.
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